So I received several messages questioning who “Uchiha Fuji” and “Ikaku Yuuka” are (most of them are concerns whether I got their names wrong thou =))). Guys, I appreciate it).  Apparently, there are many uploaders like myself post photos of these two on their blogs and credit them as “Fuyuu-Kaji”. 

Guys, I was surprised that many ppl did not notice that Fuyuu-Kaji is actually the combination of 2 names Fuji and Yuuka (Fu-Yuu, Ka- Ji). In my very first post of Fuji, I already left a note that she shares her cure account with another crossplayer named Yuuka. And to make it clear who is who, I always call them by their dependent pen names, and not Fuyuu- Kaji. Ikaku Yuuka also has another pen name which is I-Kaguya, but because I already left my tag of her as “Ikaku Yuuka”, I will just stick with it

and so, I will post their photos side by side again, the 2 of them, with their separate pen names

the first picture: Ikaku Yuuka as Avalro Garay from Wand of Fortune. photo by Uchiha Fuji

the second picture: Uchiha Fuji as Miketsukami Soushi from Inu x Boku SS. photo by Ikaku Yuuka

Please do keep my “crossplay” tag and please leave credits on the photo after you reblog. Thank you!